After the rumor of the death of the star, Fayrouz .. The Lebanese newspaper, Al-Nahar: Her condition is better than yours and mys


It spread during the last hours, a rumor stating the death Lebanese star Fayrouz, Inside the American University Hospital in Beirut, and soon the rumor circulated widely across different media platforms.

The Lebanese newspaper, An-Nahar, confirmed in a news story that the rumor is unfounded, and that the star, “Fayrouz”, is in good health and stays inside her home.

The Lebanese newspaper quoted a statement from the musician Ghassan Rahbani, one of the close stars of Fayrouz, saying, “Fayrouz is fine, and we are used every year to hear such rumors.”

While another source close to Al-Najma confirmed to Al-Nahar newspaper, saying, “Every two months, there is news. It is better than you and from my case … like iron.”


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