Aguirre: La Liga back on June 20


Leganis coach Javier Aguirre confirmed that the Spanish football federation decided to resume football activity in Spain starting on June 20, if conditions permitted.

In statements to his interview with “El Espanyol” newspaper on Thursday, he indicated that La Liga officials have already set a date for the return of the first and second parts of the Spanish league, after being stopped due to the outbreak of the Corona Covid-19 virus.

He explained that the Spanish League, contemplating that the teams will play two games a week to finish the competition in 5 weeks, so that the matches will be held on Saturday and Sunday, and then with the end of the week on Wednesday and Thursday.

Aguirre announced that his team would return to work on Friday, in the form of 3-hour individual exercises.

The Liga is following developments in the resumption of activity in Germany scheduled for May 16, which opens the way for the rest of the leagues to return and resume football activity.

The Spanish clubs will undergo tests for their players to detect Corona virus, and ensure their safety.


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