Ahad’s betrayal: Hala Shiha comments on her sister’s killing


The artist, Hala Shiha, published a post on her official and personal account on the social networking site, Instagram, commenting on a scene that killed her nephew in the events of the betrayal of Ahd series.

Hala Shihas post and her comment on her nephew’s murder:

Artist Hala Shiha commented on a scene that Yusras son killed in the betrayal of Ahd series, in the events of episode 14 of the series, as she wrote through the publication that published it.

And she said, when the difficult circumstances, negative energy, harsh situations of life and injustice, they will live by air, i.e. a person as much as they can from him, and he remains imprisoned by his air and weaker than he changes himself and remains stronger by communicating that he remains as a joy.

She continued through that post and said in many of us, Farah is also a joy that captures the faces of her anger at her life and circumstances, and Farah is a victim of herself who has worked and also is not interested in anything other than the evil that I control.

It is reported that the artist Hala Shiha embodies the series through the betrayal of the era of the personality of “Farah, who is the sister of the artist’s era, Yousra, her sister from her father.

The betrayal of Ahd series, starring artist Yusra, artist Hala Shiha, artist Abeer Sabri, artist Jumana Murad, artist Bayoumi Fouad, artist Khaled Sarhan, artist Salwa Othman, artist Hanadi Mehenni, artist Khaled Anwar, artist Tiam Mustafa Qamar, and the series directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz and written by Ahmed Adel and Amin Jamal.

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