Ahmed Al Shugairi returns to his fans next Friday after 5 years absence – our lives – celebrities


The journalist Ahmed Al Shugairi has resolved the issue of his appearance through the new work “Ihsan from the Future” in the blessed month of Ramadan, and he will witness his return to the screen after an absence of 5 years on MBC.

The program’s Facebook page said that it was decided that the program will be broadcast on the next Friday and Saturday, before breakfast at 6:00 pm Emirates time via MBC1 screen, and at 6:00 pm Egypt time via the “MBC Egypt” screen.

And about two weeks ago, social media and news sites reported on the news of Saudi journalist Ahmed Al-Shugairi returning to the screen throughout the holy month, after his long absence, but their expectations faded after about a week of Ramadan.

Indeed, some people have published before Ramadan, specific dates for the presentation of the new Shuqairi program, titled “Ihsan from the Future” on MBC channels in particular, which made many people search for the program between channels and the Internet, especially after promoting several accounts of the program, saying: “It is a good news in the month of Ramadan that we will witness the return of Ahmed Al Shugairi on the Ihsan Future program on MBC 1.”




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