Ahmed Flux: She got divorced here based on her wish, and the word Benchry buys a man for madness


Artist Ahmed Flux said that he tends to jazz on social media with his fans and friends, so he wrote on his page that he wishes to be associated with a beautiful lady who was his schoolmate.

During his meeting with the “Sheikh Al-Hara” program, with the director Enas Al-Deghaidy, FLUX commented, “I need to be upset with the permissibility of the word” Benchteri Ragel “because the sentence de Luqttali is lax and marginal … a very difficult sentence.

And I continued his speech in response to the questions of the director Enas El-Deghaidy, “I did not enter art through my father, on the contrary, he was refusing … I was a student of media photography department … and my father wanted me to work in business … and indeed I am now a company Fatih .. because art Mabgash is the one who brought us up It is .. and the biggest proof of my words is that I was in the spirit of the university in a microbus .. I mean, I got tired in the beginning. ”

“I didn’t want to release a shiha here because here are so beautiful and some of the people I met and do not make up for me … She loved me very much … and six million men .. but I am a tough man .. my level even if I did not go through the longevity of my life … and very nervous … and in the same The time here does not spread easily, but it is what I asked for, and naturally, what you will require here will work for her until I die. ”

As for the video in which the fugitive was attacked, Moataz Matar, Flux said, “I am old, no party has entered … but at the time of my attack on this person … any normal human Adam would attack him … because he would make allegations … and it was my duty to say this.” I saw soldiers and officers, all of whom described people as looting in their homes and going to their camps … countries that built … at a time when people are quiet. ”

Flux added that he will not work with producer Ahmed Al-Sobky again, because he is not satisfied with his performance in the last movie he presented with “30 Days in Glory,” explaining that he is a producer who loves art, and about the most important star in Egypt and his choice of one of these stars “Ahmed El-Sakka, Ahmed Ezz, Amir Karara, “Flux said,” The star Ahmed El Sakka is a teacher behind us, and Ahmed Ezz works for himself all the time and respects everyone. As for the artist Amir Karara, he started the path from scratch and made a great effort. ”

Regarding the theft of the idea of ​​the “Shadow of the President” scenario presented by the artist Yasser Jalal, he said that he gave the producer Raymond the headquarters of the scenario and was surprised to present the work, and directed him “Sheikh Al-Hara”, that the first love in his life at the time of the teenager left it and went to a psychiatrist after he left it, and said, “Sheikh Al-Hara “He entered a crisis that his female artist passed through. Sheiha was going to go to prison after her, and Flocks refused to talk about this matter, and about her work with the artist Mohamed Ramadan in one of the films. Fux said that he did not interfere in her work if his chances were for her and when she was working this film was not Married to her.

During the “Save Maine” paragraph, the artist Ahmed Flux chose the artist Iyad Nassar between Ahmed Salah Hosni and Ahmed Rizk. From the stars, the artist saved Ghada Abdel Razek between the two stars Hanan Turk and Soma, while Ahmed Flux chose in the series “The Spiritual Father”.

On the worst of the Corona virus, Flux emphasized that humiliation and greed are worse than the Corona virus, which Ahmed Flux cried in his life and the death of his mother for his association with it and the word said is unreal and has injustice, stressing that he was never afraid of death and if there is only one person who saves him from Corona said: My father did not change someone else because he had appeared. ”He addressed him with a word and said,“ God bless your hands, health and longevity, and I wish I had presented even a small portion of what you presented to me. ”Fox added about his feeling at the time of the ban. He said,“ The king is yours, O God, ”affirming that it is a virus that cannot be seen by eye Everyone is sitting in his house because of this virus and he is really a message from God. ”

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