Akhbar Al-Youm today … World Health reveals the most 10 governorates infected with Corona in Egypt


Today, the seventh day has published many important news and reports over the past few hours, the most prominent of which is the report of the World Health Organization on the most 10 governorates leading the Koruna injuries in Egypt.

World Health reveals the most 10 governorates topping corona infections in Egypt

The World Health Organization data revealed that the governorates of the republic ranked the highest in terms of coronavirus infection, and the first five governorates came as follows: Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Qalyubia, Menoufia and Damietta.

Health: Coronas death rates decreased to 6.6% … and 24% of the injured recovered

Ministry of Health data revealed that the death rate of coronavirus has decreased to 6.6% compared to the previous days after 429 deaths were recorded in the Republic with 19 Coved.

The Minister of Defense inspects the line-up of the Thunderbolt forces and reviews equipment to counter the Corona virus

First Lieutenant General Mohamed Zaki, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense and Military Production, witnessed the procedures for the alignment of elements of the Thunderbolt Forces to determine the level of combat efficiency and reassurance over their readiness to carry out their tasks, in the presence of General Muhammad Farid, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and a number of leaders of the armed forces.

Football Association: Clubs return to group training May 27 if the tournament resumes

After the end of the blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday, the five-year committee of the Football Association has set a date for the return of the premier league clubs for group training through closed camps, upon obtaining official approval from the Council of Ministers to resume the public league competition, which is currently suspended due to a virus outbreak Sk.

The second caesarean section at the Quarantine Hospital in Kafr El-Zayat … and “Makkah” in stable condition

The Quarantine Hospital in Kafr El-Zayat witnessed, in the early hours of Monday, the end of the second caesarean section for a woman infected with the newly created Coronavirus with great success in the hands of members of the hospital’s medical team.

The General Committee of Parliament approves the declaration of a state of emergency in the country for a period of 3 months

The General Committee of the House of Representatives, headed by Dr. Ali Abdel-Al, approved, during its meeting today, Monday, the decision of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi No. 168 of 2020 to declare a state of emergency in all parts of the country for a period of three months, starting at one in the morning on Tuesday, April 28 Because of the security and health conditions.

Salah, Maaloul, Sobhy, Bin Sharqi and Sassi compete for the title “Prince” of Egyptian football

Football remains for a long time making the only joy in the lives of the Egyptians, as it is the remaining smile in the last tunnel on any person’s day after the pressures of daily life suffer. In the last period, despite the spherical activity, due to fear of the Corona epidemic, the witch and her stars are not absent from the minds of their lovers And, in the language of the famous Ramadan series “El Prince” by artist Mohamed Ramadan, there has become an exciting struggle between 5 stars in Egyptian football for this title.

The second group of first secondary students start the biology exam from home


Shortly before, the second group of first year high school students started performing the biology exam, from 12 noon to 3 pm, after the first group of the test that started at nine in the morning and continued until 12 noon.

Al-Azhar University: The director of the deceased Zahra Hospital in Corona, Khalat, has a private clinic

The University of Al-Azhar, headed by Dr. Muhammad Al-Mahrasawi, President of the University, and Dr. Mahmoud Siddiq, Vice President of the University and General Supervisor of the Hospital Sector, offered sincere condolences and condolences on the death of the late Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hindawi, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Al-Azhar Girls ’College in Cairo.

Health invites citizens to wear masks by transportation, restaurants and hotels

The Ministry of Health and Population called upon the citizens to follow the precautionary measures and to wear masks in public transportation places, hotels, restaurants, etc. with the need to adhere to the spacing procedures, especially for the elderly, pregnant women and those with chronic diseases, in order to prevent coronavirus infection.

Agriculture: New season cotton varieties, with early maturity and 20% availability of irrigation water.

Dr. Hisham Musaad, Director of the Cotton Institute at the Agricultural Research Center at the Ministry of Agriculture, said that the Cotton Research Institute has produced a series of Egyptian cotton varieties, the new of which replaces its old and outperforming its production capacity, distinct from it and desirable in quality characteristics. This has been produced by the Cotton Research Institute To increase the cultivated areas and production of the new summer season.

New fees on mobile devices and cat and dog food .. in numbers

The House’s Plan and Budget Committee approved a bill submitted by the government to amend some provisions of Law No. (147) for the year 1984 imposing a fee for developing the state’s financial resources, which includes increasing fees imposed on some items, as well as creating and imposing new fees.

“Al-Tadamon” continues today to pay the May pensions to those who earn 1000 pounds or less

Today, Monday, the Ministry of Social Solidarity continues to disburse all pensions for the month of May for those who earn 1,000 pounds or less, and whose number reaches 2.4 million in exchange, and those who spend from the outlets of the National Insurance Institute and post offices.

Minister of International Cooperation: Overcoming similar challenges requires international solutions

Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of International Cooperation, stressed that no country is excluded today and no country can act unilaterally, and similar challenges will not be overcome without international solutions.

Esna Hospital for Isolation Announces Exit of 17 Corona Recuperators

Dr. Ilham Mohamed Mahmoud, Director of Esna Specialized Hospital and Consultant for Infection Control at the General Secretariat, stated that on Monday morning 17 cases of recovery, including an elderly man aged over seventy years, were exited after recovering from the new Corona virus “Covid 19”, and receiving treatment and full care inside the hospital, which Their results turned negative eventually.

High school students take neighborhood exams from home

“The Seventh Day” publishes pictures of students of the first year of high school while performing the biology exam from home, stressing that taking the exam from home is an important experience for training in performing the exam in school during the coming years.

Cairo and the high temperatures continue to rise today, at 32 degrees

Today, Monday, high temperatures continue, as Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt witness during the day partly cloudy weather, and mild cloudy weather and light rain prevails on the northern coasts, and hot weather prevails in the north of Upper Egypt, which is very hot in southern Upper Egypt sunny.

Former director of Al-Zahra University Hospital died after being injured in Corona

Dr. Ehab Al-Taher, Secretary General of the Medical Syndicate, announced the death of Dr. Mahmoud Al-Hindawi, Professor of Neurosurgery at the Faculty of Medicine of Al-Azhar University Girls, former director of Al-Zahra University Hospital, as a result of his infection with the new Corona virus, as a cofeed 19, saying: A new martyr of doctors in the face of the epidemic, O Allah, forgive him, have mercy on him, and make him dwell in spacious gardens.

Global Health denies participating in any analytical report on Corona injuries in Egypt

The World Health Organization in Egypt denied the participation of John Jabbour, the representative of the organization in any analytical report on injuries in Egypt with any media organization, noting that all the analytical reports attributed to him are not related to the representative of the organization.

The Minister of Higher Education requests a report on Aviagan and research on corona treatment

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, called on the research committee formed in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research against the backdrop of the crisis of the emergence of the new Corona virus and includes in its formation the National Research Center as well as Egyptian universities, to prepare a comprehensive report on the results of the experiments related to the Japanese medicine Avijan and its effectiveness in Confronting the emerging corona virus, in addition to the position of the 7 studies previously announced by the Ministry of Higher Education regarding its use in treating the emerging corona virus.


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