Al-Ahly Bank: Deposits amounted to 1.5 trillion pounds … and procedures to serve the citizen


Yahya Aboul Fotouh, Vice President of the National Bank of Egypt, said that the National Bank receives 30 thousand calls per day, and that the bank allows the purchase of certificates of return through the Call Center, indicating that the bank owns 4,500 automated teller machines and we perform precautionary measures and the machines will be fed in large measure , And the customer is exempted from fees, and the customer can exchange his salary from the nearest machine.

He added during his talk of the “Economy simply” program, which is presented by Ahmed Yaqub, through the “Seventh Day” page on “Facebook”, that 70% of the main center works from home, and the Corona crisis made us work in providing services without progress in a difficult atmosphere, There are countries that have closed their services, preserving our customers through electronic dealings, and also preserving our employees through safety procedures.

Aboul Fotouh continued, that the Corona crisis has positive aspects such as the export of foodstuffs and manufactured goods, and during the 3 months the state provides all products, and there is no increase in commodity prices, the availability of services and goods confirms the success of the state, and there are measures between the central bank and the government and strong measures have been taken that support The economy is doing well, and we expect a big jump for the economy after the end of the Corona crisis, and many customers have decided to increase production lines with lower return on loans.

And he continued, “The customer deposits increased to a trillion and a half, and in the new certificates we approached 100 billion pounds through the certificates of 15%, the credit facilities reached 100 billion, and 700 billion other credit facilities in light of the atmosphere to achieve unprecedented numbers.

He addressed a message to the citizen, saying, “We offer simplified information about the bank’s electronic services, which are simplified operations and need the customer to experiment with electronic services, as they are the future of transactions in the coming period.”

The “Economy Simply” program is sponsored by the National Bank of Egypt, and the program aims to shed light and present economic issues in a simplified manner that helps the Egyptian citizen in taking daily decisions and supporting his investment orientation.


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