Al-Ahly decides to escalate the Ramadan Sobhi case to the English Federal Court


Al-Ahly decided to sign an English lawyer to communicate with the English Federal Court to retrieve millions of Al-Ahly at the Stoke City English club, concerning the transfer of Ramadan Sobhi several seasons before.

Al-Ahly’s move came in a contract with a famous law firm in England to expedite the address of the English Federal Court for the dispute between Al-Ahly and Stoke City.

Stoke City has contracted Ramadan Sobhi In the summer of 2016 for £ 5 million, the English club paid to Al Ahly the first installment of the value of the deal, which amounted to two million and 500 thousand pounds, and refused to pay the second and last installment, which is the same value as the first installment (two million and 500 thousand pounds).

Stoke City attributed the reason for his refusal to pay this amount to receiving a court ruling from the company “Misk”, the former Al-Ahly channel sponsor, who was fined 135 million pounds due to Al-Ahly breaking the contract between them unilaterally. Misk Stock City Company not to pay the remaining dues of the Ramadan Sobhi deal to Al-Ahly.

Al-Ahly received a ruling about a year ago that nullified the fine of the Misk Company, which means its right to recover the rest of the value of the Ramadan Sobhi deal from Stoke City Club. .

It is noteworthy that Stock City sold Ramadan Sobhi to the English club Huddersfield in the summer of 2018 before Al-Ahly borrowed the player for a period of six months, then a season ends with the end of the current season, and Al-Ahly is currently negotiating to buy the player permanently while Ramadan receives European offers.


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