Al-Ahly demands the Football Association not to rush to cancel the league


Al-Ahly club officials demanded their counterparts in the Football Association not to rush to take a decision to cancel the Premier League championship this season against the backdrop of Corona’s “pandemic” and officials emphasized that the Red Castle’s decision to cancel the league’s return will have very difficult and severe consequences for all clubs that paid more than 70 % Of the value of the contracts of its players and coaches, which means that canceling the current season will negatively affect the budget of almost all clubs, especially in light of the majority of clubs not obtaining their full rights from satellite broadcasting or sponsorship contracts and may not get them due to the current financial crisis caused by “Corona”.

Officials confirmed Al-Ahly It is necessary to study the matter from all sides before deciding to cancel the current season and that the responsible parties who will have the most important and decisive opinion on the matter of canceling the league are informed of all losses, and the officials of the Red Fort went to the fact that the return of the league is possible and can take place in light of the good news coming from Europe on thinking more than the European League Resuming activity, including the English, German, Italian, Spanish and Swiss leagues, and others, despite the fact that the losses of these countries from “Corona” are stronger and much greater than the losses of Egypt.

Al-Ahly officials affirmed that it is better to delay the league’s fate and search for solutions and many ways to resume the competition while taking precautionary measures that guarantee the safety of players and fans because this is the most important, and club officials stressed that the new season could be launched in October if the resumption of sports activity And the completion of the current season, and Al-Ahly officials demanded the Football Association to search for compensation for clubs if they had to cancel the current season and not complete it if this was the decision of the responsible authorities, which is inevitable because Al-Ahly is fully aware that there is no more precious than the health and security of the Egyptian citizen.


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