Al-Ahly sends “bills” to treat Hamdi Fathi from the cartilage of the knee to the Football Association


Al-Ahly sent a comprehensive file to the Football Association on the details of the surgery performed by Hamdi Fathi, the player of the team several months ago in the cartilage of the knee in Germany, in order to collect the costs of the surgery and tickets to Germany more than once for surgery and rehabilitation, as the player was injured with the first national team Last November, the Football Association must bear the costs of surgery, according to FIFA regulations, so club officials sent treatment reports and treatment bills for the player, especially since the qualification program had not yet ended, even if Hamdi Fathi was close to returning to the gym training. He will be able to do so within a few weeks and with the return of the currently suspended exercises due to the “Corona” epidemic.

Al-Ahly club officials are awaiting treatment costs Hamdy Fathy From the Football Association, as was the case with Marwan Mohsen, the striker of the team that suffered an injury in the cruciate ligament during the nations of Africa before the past (Gabon 2017). Al-Ahly got nearly one million pounds from the Football Association, other than half the value of his contract in the season he was injured by the International Federation For soccer.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly club officials denied what was reported recently about the red castle thinking about amending Ramy Rami Rabia, the team’s defender, and increasing the value of the contract in proportion to his position and his position in the team, and Al-Ahly officials confirmed that this is not true, and that the club’s football planning committee Rami Rabias consolation file did not open, nor did he amend his contract or extend it, as some have spoken, because the player renewed his contract with Al-Ahly at the end of last season for an appropriate financial fee, according to Al-Ahly’s vision, which does not hold back on his players and knows how all players are rated well.

Club officials confirmed that Rami Rabia is a diligent player and did not speak on the issue of contract amendment, just as the club did not open this file, and that any talk about this file is from the inspiration of jurisprudence only.


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