Al-Ahly’s “Yalla Koura”: There are no injuries among the club’s workers


Mohamed Morjane, the CEO of Al-Ahly Club, denied that there were any infections with the emerging coronavirus (Covid_19) among the club’s workers, as was reported during the past hours.

Marjane added, in special statements to Yallakoura: “Praise be to God, there are no injuries, and may God protect everyone. If there is an injury, we will be announced, there is transparency in the matter and no one can hide this not in Al-Ahly but in all state institutions.”

Al-Ahly CEO concluded his speech by noting that they are following up on the cases of health club workers.

The board of directors of Al-Ahly Club, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, had held a meeting at the end of last March, via video conference, in line with the social separation plan to avoid the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

Al-Ahly Council took 4 decisions, which is the continuation of the decision to suspend sports activity and the closure of the club and its various branches for a period of two weeks, as of April 1, in line with the state’s decisions in this framework to combat the spread of the Corona virus, which has been extended so far

The Council also decided to assign the members of the Board of Directors to submit a study to develop the club’s resources to meet the current exceptional emergency conditions, after the decision to suspend sports activity.

Also, the executive management, the general manager of sports activity, the director of football, the director of the junior sector, and the director of the Football Academy, each in his field of work, were assigned to develop a vision to face the repercussions of the Corona virus crisis, and the consequent cessation of activity.

The Council adopted a set of decisions related to sports activity with coordination with the various technical bodies to follow the players in the various individual and group teams, and to ensure the safety of all and to follow all preventive measures to confront the Corona virus.


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