Al-Amri Farouk: canceling the league will cause an economic catastrophe and stand up to the end of July


Al-Amry Farouk, deputy chairman of Al-Ahly Club, rejected the proposal to cancel the Egyptian league championship this season, due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, stressing that this decision will entail huge economic losses, pointing out that canceling the competition will result in the closure of sports activity in general, which will lead to the suspension of the industry The collapse of the economy of sports institutions and clubs, saying: “There are 3.5 million families associated with work in the field of sport, so how will these families live in light of the economic crisis that will occur.”

Al-Amri said in statements to the program “Ontime Sport Stadium” that Al-Ahly spends 30 million pounds a month on salaries in all branches of the club, saying: “We are economically steadfast until the beginning of July, but after that the conditions will be bad … and public health is something that we must all work to achieve.” But if sponsorship and broadcasting revenues are stopped, how will the clubs be spent and be able to pay salaries?

Al-Amry Farouk revealed the delay in establishing the Red Club Stadium in Sheikh Zayed Branch, confirming that The idea of ​​establishing the stadium in Sheikh Zayed was from the time of the late Saleh Salim, but the Urban Communities Authority provides for a specific height in Sheikh Zayed City, and this has caused work to be suspended.

The deputy head of Al-Ahly added that this matter put before us two options, the first is that we dig and start building from the bottom, but that idea is very costly, and the second option is that we get approval of a new height that suits the stadium, but this matter has not happened yet.

On the right to use the Peace Stadium, Al-Omari Farouk said that work was halted in the Peace Stadium because of the difficulty of investing in it due to the absence of the public, as well as developments in the spread of Virus Corona, which led to the cessation of all sports activities, pointing out that the current concern of the administration is to provide a cash flow to overcome this crisis.

Al-Amri indicated that the size of construction Al-Ahly In the recent period, it exceeds 230 million pounds, pointing out that the administration is currently building in Sheikh Zayed on an area of ​​30 acres, pointing out that there is a proposal to establish Al-Ahly Stadium in the Sheikh Zayed branch, especially since the space is nine to construct the stadium in a manner appropriate for the name and entity the Red Castle.

He added that the budget of Al-Ahly Club amounts to 2 billion and 300 million pounds, and that the club is required to pay more than 260 million pounds for the new land of Al-Ahly in the fifth assembly, praising Mahmoud Taher, who chose a distinguished place to establish the new club branch in the fifth assembly, which is calculated for him and each Council members.


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