Al-Amri Farouk responds to Zamalek: Al-Ahly, the champion of the last century


Al-Amri Farouk, the vice-chairman of Al-Ahly’s club, responded to the club’s claim to the title of last century’s club. The white club, Zamalek club, sought to file a complaint with the sports court on the pretext of regaining the title from the viewpoint of its officials.

Farouk said in response to the demands of Zamalek: “Welcome, Al-Ahly will always be the club of the century with numbers and statistics, and they have waited for it for the club of the next century.”

Al-Amry Farouk responds to Zamalek

Al-Ahly Vice President added: “We congratulate our fans on the occasion of the title of the Club of the Century, which will be resolved after 5 days from now.

Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club, reopened the file of the Club of the Twentieth Century again, despite the lapse of 20 years since the announcement of Al-Ahly’s “traditional rival” victory.

The Chamber of Zamalek decided to escalate the matter this time and deliver it to the International Sports Court, by forming a committee of 4 members of the Board of Directors, in preparation for sending an official complaint to the International Football Association “FIFA”.

In 1994 the Confederation of African Football adopted the criteria for choosing the Club of the Century in Africa through a system based on points, not the number of tournaments.

Zamalek now rejects these standards and believes that he has joined the club’s title of the century, especially since the team achieved 9 continental championships in the last century compared to 7 for Al-Ahly.


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