Al-Bawaba News: Sisi sends a message to the Egyptians about Corona: Beware the skeptics


President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi sent an urgent message to the Egyptians regarding the Corona virus crisis, pointing out that we stand together at an important moment in the nation’s life in the face of the epidemic, which requires everyone to continue solidarity and solidarity, to cross this ordeal safely and maintain the success we have achieved in various fields .

The President added on his official page on Facebook today Thursday: “In light of the efforts made by the Egyptian government and people in facing this epidemic and continuing to implement development plans and maintaining economic stability in the most difficult circumstances, the enemies of the country are trying to question the state’s efforts and achievement. “.

The President affirmed his high confidence in this people, who always demonstrates in difficult circumstances the hardness and originality of its mineral and its ability to confront and respond to these campaigns.

He concluded: “May God protect Egypt and the Egyptians, long live Egypt … long live Egypt … long live Egypt.”

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