Al-Nahda Movement: parties outside Tunisia that were worried about democracy in our country


Al-Nahda Movement: parties outside Tunisia that were worried about democracy in our country


                    ZOUBEIR SOUISSI

Tunisian Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi

The Tunisian Renaissance Movement accused internal and external parties, which it did not name, of targeting the political track and democracy in Tunisia, through smear campaigns against the movement’s leader and parliament Rashid Ghannouchi.

“The malicious distortion campaigns from Tunisia and abroad do not target only the head of the Renaissance movement, Rashid Ghannouchi, but the political track in Tunisia in general,” he said, adding that parties “see that the semi-parliamentary system and the constitution Tunisian and democracy are not appropriate for Tunisia in particular, nor for the Arab countries in general. ”

He continued: “Entities outside Tunisia – with no renaissance position and no problem with it – were disturbed by democracy in Tunisia, and I saw in Rashid Ghannouchi, with his symbolism and militant history, a point of launch in its scheme.”

Regarding the leadership’s statements in Al-Nahdha, Yamina Al-Zoghlami, in which she said that Ghannouchi “owns a house through Al-Fadl,” he said: “There is an anti-corruption committee that has all the interests and gains of Ghannouchi previously declared.”

And he considered that there is “a double standard in dealing with politicians in Tunisia, and the best evidence for this is that the former Speaker of the Parliament was the head of Nidaa Tounes, but everything related to Rashid Ghannouchi is raising controversy.”

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And regarding the communication between Ghannouchi and the head of the Libyan government of reconciliation, Fayez al-Sarraj, al-Baroumi explained that the Ennahda movement sees the matter as normal, and there is what is called parliamentary diplomacy, and the matter is not a fad by which Ghannouchi brought, but rather ordinary practices by women parliamentarians in the world.

He continued: “ Ghannouchi is a transitional figure who is an exceptional and influential person and has relations with all world leaders. ” What makes his country benefit from it is necessary, especially as he has relations with all the Libyan parties … Al-Nahda does not line up behind any party and believes that the solution He must be Libyan, Libyan. ”

Source: Tunisian “Mosaic FM”

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