Al-Sisi confirms Egypt’s rejection of foreign interference in Libyan affairs


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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi participated today, Tuesday, in the meeting of the African Contact Group on Libya at the level of Heads of State and Government through the technology of “video conference.”

Ambassador Bassam Radi, the official spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic, said that the meeting discussed the latest developments in the Libyan issue.

He added that the President stressed in his speech that the stability of Libya is a determinant of Egyptian national security, and that Egypt has not and will not tolerate terrorist groups and those who support them.

The President also affirmed Egypt’s steadfast stance on the Libyan crisis by reaching a political solution to the crisis, preserving Libyas sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity, and fully supporting the Libyan people’s will and choices, as well as rejecting foreign interference in Libyan internal affairs.

The President stressed the importance of giving anti-terrorism in Libya a special priority by the African side, as it represents a threat to the stability and security of the Libyan neighbors and the African continent as a whole, stressing in this regard that Egypt has not and will not tolerate terrorist groups or the parties that support them, whatever the circumstances.

The President also stressed Egypt’s support for the efforts of the African Union in resolving the Libyan crisis, noting in this context the importance of achieving complementarity and coherence between the African, international and international efforts in Libya, as well as the need for coordination between the African Union and the League of Arab States on efforts to solve the Libyan issue in the light that it is an issue Basically Arab African.

The meeting witnessed consensus on the continuation of the contact group in its efforts to settle the Libyan crisis, in close cooperation with the United Nations and the international community, especially regarding the implementation of the outputs of the Berlin Conference in this regard, with the aim of working to reach a political solution to the crisis, as well as condemning the continuation of external interventions in Lybia.

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