Al-Sisi for the governors and security directors: “10 thousand building violations, meaning 10 thousand people arrested”


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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi instructed the governors and security directors to deal firmly with construction violations, and to address the phenomenon of illegal and unlawful construction in all governorates.

On the sidelines of the inauguration of the “Good News 3” project in Alexandria, on Thursday, the president said: “10 thousand building violations, meaning 10,000 people were arrested and transferred to the prosecution.”

The president added that «the violations of construction and corruption covered up are considered a form of terrorism that the state faces, because this corruption does not act as a consideration for the state».

He went on to say: “The rule of law is not if I am just who respect the law, because we all respect the law (…) I will never give you, we would prefer to do the slums for the rest of our life.”

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