Al-Sisi on Building Violations: The world is free and the governor has the right to stop


11:57 am

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that, for many years, none of the governors had thought to stop building permits.

Al-Sisi added, during the opening of the “Bashayer Al-Khair 3” project, today, Thursday: What conservatives over the past 20 years who have missed someone said, will stop issuing licenses to some extent, we deal with the perception that we are in.

The President stressed: The law must be implemented, the architecture tells you you came up and you didn’t work. You have the right as a governor. You say no, see the size of the density that is allowed to be implemented or not .. People are committed to what I want to build Welcome, by saying to the Governor of Cairo and Alexandria the bottom line is this and I The commander of the Northern District of Alexandria said,

He continued: You must know who you are, the governor is the president of a small country, you have the right to say if you permit, there will be no licenses except when I study the situation with me, when we see the number of violations that are dangerous, I want to say a need was very important to talk about the insecure housing of the simple, they saw workers The need is what, the respectable state works like this, but any other need, building 14, has no accompanying, unplanned, and non-focal point, who works in that country?

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