Al-Sisi watches a documentary entitled “Bashar Al-Khair 3”


10:08 am

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi is watching a documentary film titled: “Bashar Al Khair 3”, produced by the Moral Affairs of the Armed Forces, at the beginning of the opening of the civilized development project, the fishermen’s shelter, “Bashair Al Khair 3” in Alexandria.

The Bashayer Al-Khair 3 project is a continuation of the Bashayer Al-Khair 1 project and Bashayer Al-Khair 2; It is considered a qualitative leap to provide adequate and appropriate housing for the citizens of the random “shelter fishermen” area, especially since Bashir Al-Khair 3 has two parts, the first being the Al-Ahali area and implemented on an area of ​​105 acres; It includes 200 residential buildings with 10 thousand and 624 housing units.

It is intended that more than 50 thousand citizens benefit from the project, as it was completed within two and a half years; More than 75 Egyptian companies participated in it.

The second section of the project includes an investment area of ​​30 acres; It includes a cinema complex and a banking complex; Multipurpose halls, a number of cafes, and commercial shops on two floors and roofs with a total area of ​​39 thousand m 2, a restaurant building on two floors and a total of 5,654 m 2, and a gas station on an area of ​​3767 m 2, in addition to two restaurants and cafes buildings on 3 floors and a roof with a surface of 14386 m 2 of the building with a total of buildings of 28 buildings One thousand, and 772 meters.

The investment zone includes 16 investment blocks, one block includes two commercial floors, shops and the first mall with a total area of ​​28 thousand square meters and 12 residential houses with a total of 1536 housing units with a residential unit area of ​​90 square meters, and also includes 11 multi-purpose halls, including 8 halls with a flat surface of about 1000 square meters , 3 surfaces of about 2000 square meters, in addition to 39 commercial flat spaces of various sizes with an average of 175 square meters in the front end below the wedding halls, 64 commercial flat areas of an average of 30 square meters in the back facade under the wedding halls and a thousand weeping parking garage.

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