Amal Al-Awadi receives congratulations from superstar La casa de papel


The star of the La casa de papel series, the Spanish artist, Enrique Arsi, released a video congratulating the Kuwaiti artist Amal Al-Awadi on her participation in a video clip with the artist Majed Al-Mohandes.

Amal Al-Awadi receives congratulations from superstar La casa de papel:

Where Kuwaiti actor Amal Al-Awadi published a message from Spanish artist Enrique Arsi, star of the series La casa de papel, on her personal and official account on the Snapchat application.

And it appeared through that message, congratulating her on her participation in the new Majed Al-Mohandes clip, and accordingly, according to her, to congratulate the release of the new video clip, and explained to her that his wish is for her to participate in the famous Spanish series La casa de papel.

Spanish artist Enrique Arsi also flirted with Jamal Amal Al-Awadi and explained that he had published that video because of a request from her friend, who described it to her as beautiful and considered one of the best actresses in the Middle East and that she is one of the most exciting actresses.

The star of the series La casa de papel concluded his message to Kuwaiti actor Amal Al-Awadi that he will be happy when he meets her one day as the audience may do with that message.

This message is the second message that was sent to a famous Arab nation. He previously congratulated the artist Muhammad Ramadan, which the latter offered to make a number of accusations explicitly to him and that he paid money for that message.

Video of congratulations from the star of La casa de papel to Amal Al-Awadi:


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