Amazon begins reopening French warehouses starting May 19


Amazon is preparing to reopen its French warehouses almost a month after it closed, as the e-commerce giant said it plans to gradually reopen as of May 19 as it is close to reaching an agreement with French unions and labor councils on safety measures to protect against COVID-19, according to the US Engadget website. , It is not clear how fast you will return, but Amazon promises to extend deliveries beyond basic items such as food and health care products, and closures came after French courts limited shipments to essentials until Amazon conducted risk assessments at warehouses.

Courts found that Amazon did not provide adequate health conditions in some areas, and did not consider aspects such as mental well-being in their work schedules and teams, and Amazon partially closed warehouses because of the alleged ambiguity about the nature of essential products.

As the company applies stricter safety measures in warehouses, such as temperature tests, it is clear that workers will take more measures.


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