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Arrested American police In California, the controversial Saudi, Abd al-Rahman al-Mutairi, for unknown reasons while he was on live broadcast as he used to appear frequently in front of his accounts on social media.

Saudi video clip of the video, which was cut from the live broadcast, shows police officers tying Al-Mutairi and taking him outside a house while he tries to persuade them not to detain him.

It is unclear why the young man was arrested, but the accounts circulated about what happened ranged from his violation of US residency laws, and the police receiving a complaint against him by a friend who shared with him on the accusation of receiving a threat from Al-Mutairi.

Twitter users said that al-Mutairi’s neighbors informed the police because they were alarmed by their Saudi neighbor, while it was reported that a friend of al-Mutairi had completed the filming of the live broadcast and had documented the arrest of her boyfriend.

There was no official comment from the American police in the city in which the young man resides, nor from the Saudi embassy about the reasons for Al-Mutairi’s arrest until the time of preparing this report, while the “Erm News” cannot verify the authenticity of everything that is being circulated on social media.

Al-Mutairi (27 years old) was one of tens of thousands of Saudi students studying outside the Kingdom in prestigious international universities at the expense of their country in one of the largest scientific scholarship programs for students in the world.
But surprisingly, Al-Mutairi began attacking his country with video clips that used offensive language, which drew frustration and anger at the Saudi activists.

Saudi bloggers say on social media that Al-Mutairi is a psychopath, and that his description of the exhibits is inaccurate, based on a number of videos in which he appears and the way he talks.

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