Among them Nisreen Amin and Muhammad Imam .. 10 artists died after showing 13 episodes


12:37 am

Thursday 07 May 2020

Hani Saber wrote:

The events of 13 episodes ended in Ramadan 2020 drama, some of which witnessed deaths during the dramatic events, which were a turning point in moving the events of each action.

We monitor deaths in Ramadan 2020 drama, with half the episodes of the series approaching, in the following report:

_ The events of the series “Al-Prince” witnessed 3 deaths, namely the death of “Hamed” Abdel Aziz Makhyoun, the father of “Radwan” Mohamed Ramadan, and the death of his wife, “Lubna”, Najla Badr and his son at work.

_ The series “The Game of Oblivion” witnessed two murders, namely the murder of the husband of “Ruqaya” Dina El Sherbiny, who is embodied by Ahmed Safwat “Amjad”, after he killed her lover “Khaled Wahdan the lawyer”. In a coma for 4 months.

_ The events of the series “Collecting Salem” witnessed a murder, which is the killing of Sheikh Numan, “Abd al-Rahman Abu Zahra,” when “Sheikh Numan” and “Sheikh Yusef” Muhammad Adil appeared in Mashhad while they were going to their home, and a person opposes a girl in front of them, To be defended by Sheikh Yusuf and to strike the person who was reflecting the girl, Sheikh Yusef was surprised by the appearance of the friend of the person who was opposing the girl and hit Sheikh Numan with his car, which ends up the death of Sheikh Numan.

_ The series “When We Was Young” witnessed a murder, which is the death of “Noha” Nisreen Amin, where “Donia” Reham Hajjaj intervened in a great shock after the death of her friend “Noha”, after ten long lives since their studies at the university, despite the big difference Among the social class that each belongs to, and accuses “Hassan” Nabil Issa of killing her.

_ While the series “The Choice” witnessed the martyrdom of Captain “Ali Al-Zaini” Aser Yassin, Captain “Fathi” Muhammad Adel Imam, and Karim Mahmoud Abdulaziz, in various army battles with the Takfiris ..


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