Amr Gamal: She battled with a Bidvest coach because of his “racism”


Amr Gamal, the current Vanguard player, revealed that he entered into a clash with the Bidvest coach during his professional career in South Africa.

“I entered into a clash with the Bidvest coach because of his insult to me, he is a racist coach,” Jamal said in comments on “On Tam Sports” screen early Monday.

He continued: “The engagement greatly developed in the changing room, he took advantage of the situation well and told me that I will not return to Al-Ahly and will not participate in any games.”

He continued: “During this period, I received an offer from Russia, specifically from the Russian team Ruben Kazan, but the Bidvest administration refused my departure despite the approval of Al-Ahly.”

The 28-year-old continued: “What happened to the team coach made me talk to the club management and ask to leave, and this is what happened, but I was subjected to harsh conditions by closing the transfer market, which led to my departure to Finland in order to participate.”

Amr Gamal had a professional experience with South African Bidvest in the 2017-2018 season to participate in 19 games, recording five goals and making a decisive pass.

Amr Gamal and moved to the ranks of the army early this season on loan from Al-Ahly to participate with the military team in 13 games, scoring two goals against making a single goal.


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