Amr Saad: The battle of terrorism is bigger than the October battle … and I am preparing for work on the army’s championships


The artist, Amr Saad, paid tribute to all the workers in the selection and production company series, for the wonderful work that is currently being presented, saying: “We sympathize with these works because their message is extremely important and powerful, and shapes public opinion to know what is going on.”

Saad added, during a phone call to the DMC evening program broadcast on the Extra News satellite channel, that there are many people who do not know facing the fleeing, the difficult situation and the value of the sacrifice, saying: “It is possible that many people are disturbing me, but Egypt’s battle against terrorism is greater than the October battle and greater than any Modern battle. “

The artist, Amr Saad, stressed that the value of the dramas is important as it has a great impact, and the audience interacts with it, saying: “Speak to me and ask me to be a guest of honor and I did not hesitate for a moment because there is a great debt for the Egyptian army and Egyptian society.”

Amr Saad explained that this happens in international cinemas, drama and simple art, quickly reaching the viewer to understand everything, and about the work of the upcoming Ramadan, he stressed, saying: “I evaluated the situation and I did not sell Social Media, but I noticed that people feel my absence and it was wonderful. I read a novel behind the enemy lines and we In the process of producing it as a drama and I am passionate about embodying that novel. “


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