An agricultural expert explains the fact that watermelon has carcinogens


12:24 am

Tuesday 05 May 2020

Books- Ahmed Masaad:

Watermelon is considered a favorite summer crop for many Egyptians, but recently there have been several calls on social media that warn against eating watermelon to spray it with carcinogens and hormones.

Dr Ayman Hamouda, director of the Horticulture Research Institute, says that melon is a crop that responds to heat and the optimum temperature required for the plant varies according to the different stages of its growth, adding that in the winter loop, melon seeds are planted in November to December.

Hammoudeh told Masrawy that in the early summer loaf, watermelon seeds are planted during January and February, but in the sandy areas and the land of Upper Egypt or in other areas in greenhouses, watermelon seedlings are produced and transported to the field after mild climatic conditions, and melon seeds are planted During the months of May and June, after harvesting and harvesting of beans, they are distributed in Upper Egypt.

Hammouda explained that Egypt annually grows an area of ​​66,000 hectares, or 163,000 acres.

On the other hand, Dr. Ahmed Helmy, a specialist in the fruit department of the Horticulture Research Institute, said that the watermelon crop is divided into two types, the first of which is red and second yellow.

Helmy added, in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”, that the watermelon crop is not injected with a hormone, but what happens is that some farmers use pesticides excessively to eliminate insects such as “lamododia” and then collect the crop on the second day, instead of collecting after 15 days. What causes diarrhea and nausea cases for some people, hence the spread of cancer and hormones rumors.

He pointed out that the Horticultural Research Institute registered 3 classes, “Treasures 1”, “Treasures 2” and “Tanari”, as improved and high-quality items.

It ranks sixth globally in crop production among the most productive countries.

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