An Italian doctor resolves the controversy of the death of Corona virus in summer


As research continues around the world in order to find a cure or drug for the new Corona virus or Covid 19, an Italian researcher and doctor disclosed what he considered the final statement regarding summer and the possibility of its elimination of the deadly virus, according to Italian media.

The researcher Pascual Baku said that many people expected that with the advent of the summer season, the Corona virus will disappear, and the air temperature will kill it, but research says otherwise, that the heat will not kill the virus, and it will not disappear like SARS.

He added: “According to laboratory analyzes, with a temperature increase of between 25-30 degrees, 53% of viral strains die, while the rest show 12 times less activity.”

Thus, the new coronavirus will be affected as the air warms, its effects largely disappeared and infection rates decrease, but it will not likely die.

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