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Wednesday 20 May 2020

Books – Bahaa Hijazi:

Today marks the passing away of the actress Sana Younis, who left our world on May 20, 2006.

Sana Younis was born on March 3, 1942, the city of Zagazig, whose full name is Sana Ali Younis. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in sociology from Alexandria University.

Sana Younis started her artistic career in the theater with Fouad Al-Muhandes in the plays “Mint on your daughters, Hala Habibi, Black Rabbit”, and she also participated in many cinematic works, including: “Beautiful Illusion, Dreams of Our Lives, War of Italy.”

In this report, we monitor information about the artist Sana Younis:

– Her last work was presented with the series “Smarter Stupid in the World”, with a friend who was deported by the artist Saeed Saleh in 2006.

Throughout her artistic career, she has presented nearly 200 works between cinema, theater and television.

– She won an award from the Alexandria Festival in 1992 for the film (The Scandal).

– Her first movie, Rumors of Love, appeared as a friend of Samiha (Souad Hosni), in 1960, and was the last of her films in terms of filming the 2005 War of Italy with Ahmed El-Sakka.

– According to the statements of critic Tareq Al-Shennawi, she married secret artist Mahmoud El-Melegy for a long time, but she agreed to keep the title of Egyptian cinema in order to preserve the feelings of artist Alawia Gamil, the first wife of El-Meligy because of their long love story.

– Sana Younis has gone through the experience of working as a broadcaster twice, the first through the Dubai screen through the “Over the Top” program, and the second in the Nile channel for variety through the “Sana” program.

She died in 2006 at the age of 64, after a struggle with hepatitis C.

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