An unfinished star 9 .. “I would have become the leader of Al Ahly” .. when he chose Fa


The beginning alone is not enough. In football, you need to continue for many years to hang in the memory and minds of the fans, and you achieve championships and achievements that keep your name hesitating instead of being an unfinished star.

Abdullah Farouk, the former Al-Ahly club midfielder and a member of the historical generation of the Red Genie, champion of the ninth episode of the unfinished star series, presented by Yalla Koura during Ramadan.

All of the following was mentioned by Abdullah Farouk in his interview with Yalla Koura.

the beginning

“I was promoted from the junior sector in Al-Ahly Club to the first team, where Hossam Al-Badri took the lead in my team and knew my capabilities well, I was 19 years old and Al-Ahly decided to win the league title season (2007-08) six rounds before the end of the competition, so Manuel Jose gave a vacation For 14 major players and traveled to his country. ”

Hossam Al-Badri was in charge of technical leadership instead of Jose, and he escalated to the first team and played the remaining six games completely, before I went into the preparation period with the team in Germany in preparation for the next season, and when we returned to Cairo, Jose wanted to bring me back to the youth sector again, but I She refused and asked to go out on loan. ”

“I am the first youth to escalate with Manuel Jose after Hossam Ashour, I was the only player on the bench in the Asyut Petroleum match in the Egypt Cup that we lost 1-0, I was 18 years old and I was the only midfielder on the bench, but the team delayed the result during the meeting Jose paid three strikers and I didn’t play the match. ”

Glow with the police

“I played with the Police Association after his rise to the Premier League under the leadership of coach Talaat Yusef Season (2008-09). We were a strong team led by the pair Bupa and Salah Ashour in the attack. At that time, we managed to beat Al-Ahly in the contractors 1-0 after returning from Japan in the World Cup bronze. We won the third-world stars of the golden generation, led by Muhammad Abu Trika.

“I played with all sincerity with the police in front of Al-Ahly. We raised in Al-Ahly the sincerity of the place we are, had it not been for me to shine in front of Al-Ahly in the first and second round matches, I would not have returned to the club, especially since Hossam Al-Badri came to me after the match to shake my hand and greet me for my performance, as he called me by phone To notify me that the technical staff is on my return. ”

“I did not fail and worked hard and was saved to the place where I am, even though I was seconded from Al-Ahly until my desire to return to Red came true.”

Back to my family

“I returned to Al-Ahly season (2009-10) and Hossam Al-Badri was the coach of Al-Ahly in his first season after Manuel Jose, and I had a role with the team next to Hossam Ashour, Moataz Inou, Mustafa Shabita, Ahmed Hassan Al-Saqr and Ahmed Fathi in the middle of the field.”

“Zamalek’s 0-0 confrontation was the best for me, I played in the middle of the field and I was watching Shikabala and he was at the height of his brilliance at the time, and I was relied on in the same match in the defense and the right front, and I made many opportunities to register in the meeting for Ahmed Bilal And Muhammad Barakat, but it was wasted. ”

“It was my first summit and the match was held in the presence of 80,000 fans in the Cairo Stadium stadium. The stands were lingering, with the last of them being North Thalat and Thalat Right, the dread turned into confidence and appeared well in the meeting, and I knew after my return home that I got an evaluation of 9/10 During the Ahmed Schubert sports program. ”

“I was crowned with Al-Ahly with three league titles next to the Egypt Cup, and may God take revenge on Michael Eneramo, who wasted the 2010 CAF Champions League title in front of Esperance after he scored the famous goal in his hand. I do not understand how this goal was calculated so far.”

Choose to leave

“In the following season, I felt that things would not be good after Al-Ahly signed with Hossam Ghali and Mohamed Shawky, and they were big stars in a big name in football, especially after they returned to Al-Ahly from the English Premier League, and certainly they will be relied on greatly, I was 21 years old and made a decision Leaving, as I clearly requested after being excluded from the list in several matches. ”

“Since my childhood I used to not sit back, I was born in 1987 and I played with 1985 and played two games on the same day and completely with the two teams, to the extent that I participated with the Olympic team in a friendly match against the Egyptian in Port Said and I was supervising Hossam Hassan, the historical striker for the Egyptian team “.

“I spoke to Captain Hossam Al-Badri and asked him to leave the club with the conditions that the club wanted, and he told me that I had a good season and he needed me in different positions where I was playing in the midfield and as a right back and a left back, but I preferred to leave because this is my personality, I do not like to I will be Ahmed Adel Abdel-Moneim, who has been on standby for a long time. ”

“It was natural that the participation of the stars was at the expense of the young players. My relationship is very special with Hussam Al Badri until now, and I excuse him for that because he wanted to make a name for himself, especially after the successes of Manuel Jose, so he depended on the owners of the experiences even though I was doing well and relying on me In all positions often and preferentially to other players. ”

“All Egyptian clubs negotiated with me to obtain my services, but I preferred to return to the police union because of the season I played on loan there, as Habib Al-Adli, the Minister of Interior at the time, was convinced of me and supported me and welcomed my presence, and we agreed on everything and signed a three-way contract between me and Al-Ahly and the police, with Having an item that allows my family to return me at any time. ”

Stations before retirement

“I played three years for the police before I was deported in 2013 to Al-Hilal Benghazi Benghazi, and for a year after that I played for the clearing and Aswan Egypt, and then I spent 6 months with Sharqia and the same with the police union, which I went back to play with again, before I decided to retire from football in January 2018 “.

“I would have continued for an additional season playing with the stars of the future stars team with Mohamed Salah after the team’s rise to the Premier League, and I already signed the contracts and went through a preparation period with them, but I was asked some things that I refused and I cannot disclose, so I decided to content myself with what I presented.”

Direction for training

“I started the field of training at Wadi Degla Academy with the help of my friend Islam Shoukry, it was in the middle of the season and I spent four months there, before I presented my papers to Al-Ahly and Abdel Aziz Abdel Shafi, the head of the junior sector, and my friend Hossam Ghaly was the coordinator at the time, and worked in the following season as a general coach for the 2008 team in the club Al-Ahly. ”

“I worked hard in my work and left good impressions with sector officials headed by Fathi Mabrouk, and only 3 months passed until the club officials escalated me to work for the technical staff of the 2000 team as an assistant to the Secretary of the Arabi coach and we got the league championship, before Fathi Mabrouk asked me this season to work In the technical staff of the 2004 team that is running the Republic Championship. ”

“Things were largely settled in the Republic League during the current season, where we led the table by a large difference from other teams, but unfortunately the competition was stopped before it was decided to cancel it due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus” Covid-19 “.

Regret leaving

“I certainly regretted the decision to leave Al-Ahly. If I used patience at the time and continued with the team, I would have had my chance. Manuel Jose, after returning to lead the team, dispensed with the services of some midfield players such as Hussam Ghaly and Mohamed Shawky.”

“I could have played a bigger role with the team, especially after I received the acclaim of Manuel Jose during the preparation period, if I had continued for two or three years I would have suffered during them but I would then become the team leader after Hossam Ashour or the team leader at the present time, but I was young I have a little experience and need to participate.

“On the other hand, in my second year with the police union, coach Bob Bradley called me to Egypt, which would not have happened if I made a decision to stay in Al-Ahly.”


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