An uproar in Kuwait after Halima Boland’s “scandal” with the director of a famous institution



In Kuwait, social media is experiencing a sensation
The Kuwaiti fashionista scandal, Halima Boland, is director of the Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, which
She was known in the Kuwaiti media as “the scandal of the gift of the Foundation for Scientific Progress”.
In the face of the scandal dedicated to medical masks (Face Shield), an audio recording spread, leaving more questions about the reasons
The institution’s silence, and whether the registration paves the way for blaming “scandal” for one person.
Whereas, the senior management remains in the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences
The Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Talent and Creativity is silent about what was raised by the newspaper “Al-Rai”
Kuwaiti, on the “scandal of scientific progress” and Halima, did not explain the mechanism that was adopted to deliver
The “gift”, and if there are other gifts, an audio recording, attributed to the head of the Relationship Department, has spread
The public at the center, and has not confirmed its authenticity, said that he is personally responsible for the gift represented
In a large amount of face masks
Shield), directing everyone’s apologies.
And the recorded voice, which was circulated, read: “Peace be upon you.” I
I personally sent the gift and an individual decision from me, as well as without recourse to the right of the group, or
Senior management, and I apologize to everyone, to the group that works with me and to the administration, and to anyone
It is related to the issue on the critical level.
While everyone is awaiting clarification from the person responsible for managing public money
In the institution, and its use in the distribution of gifts, doctors suffer from unavailability.

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