And you are back at home .. 6 team games that let you enjoy with your friends as if you were with them


Eid spending at home is not considered a barrier to the user that prevents him from communicating with family and friends, as there are dozens of distinct games on smartphones through which users can have a lot of fun and entertainment with family and friends, especially since many of them are distinguished by being interactive group games, Which we offer the most prominent as follows:

– PUBG Mobile game:

This game gives users an opportunity to spend time with his friends and family digitally, as the game also comes with an in-game chat feature that allows players to speak with other colleagues while playing, and the game offers many different game modes like Team Deathmatch, Battle Royale mode and others.

Asphalt 9: Legends

One of the most popular games, as it allows the user to drive a hyperactive car, with detailed maps, and difficult competitors, as well as many other features that the game provides to users, as it is one of the best car racing games, and when the user creates an account within the game, he can play With their friends easily and enter with them in various competitions and races.

Call of Duty: Mobile:

It offers a lot of maps and game modes to choose from, the game has been jointly developed by Tencent Games, who is also the developer of PUBG Mobile, the game features similar game dynamics as well as responsive controls, and Call of Duty Mobile also has an in-game chat feature that allows Players communicate with their teammates.

Clash of Clans:

It is a third-person strategy game where players can create a clan or join and play together, and the game allows players to build their village, raise a clan, and fight the war to defend the village, and the game recently received a new update that brings a large number of new features such as the new Town Hall 13 Heroes and more, where you can create a “castle” or clan that includes many friends with ease and play with them.

8 Ball Pool

Ball Pool is ranked as the # 1 multiplayer billiard game on mobile devices, and the game supports 1vs1 multiplayer mode and comes with easy-to-use touch controls, through which users can communicate with their friends and play the game with them easily.

– Drag’n’Boom game

It is one of the most prominent mobile games that users can play with ease during their spare time, during which they will control a crazy dragon that destroys everything he encounters including castles and its soldiers and eliminate witches that help them, and the player will have to fly with the dragon and shoot all that he encounters Soldiers, where the player will face ordinary soldiers and soldiers throwing arrows at him.


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