Anger in the British royal family and the documentary reason about Princess Diana


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A photo documentary about Princess Dianas life sparked great dissatisfaction with her children, Princess William and Harry, and her fans, after he showed the Princess’s repeated attempts to kill herself.

She mentioned British newspaper “Sun” that the documentary series “Being Me: Diana” consists of four parts and will reveal the details of Prince Dianas life from her childhood to marriage, the stage of psychological torment that she experienced, and the resulting eating disorders and her relationship with her husband, Prince Charles.

The documentary uses invisible footage of Dianas speeches that were filmed before her death in 1997, as well as interviews with people close to her, to highlight her inner turmoil, shortly before her separation from Charles in 1992.

The newspaper pointed out that the series may raise many questions, especially from her children, to the production company that works with “Netflix” company, which has always had good relations with the princes and future production projects.

In the same context, a television source told the newspaper that “the family will refuse to participate in the documentary series,” adding that “William and Harry will be very angry. The timing is not appropriate,” especially after members of the royal family received a blow by leaving Harry and his wife, Megan Merkel, earlier this year. .

But a spokeswoman for Endemol Shine commented to the newspaper, “This is not a commissioned offer, and everything in the review is rumored in the public domain.”

She died Princess Diana, August 31, 1997, as a result of a car accident after photographers chased her through the streets of Paris.


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