Artist attacking Ramiz Jalal: I cannot shut up


From the start of the launch of the Ramez Jalal program “Ramez Majnoon Official” until his arrival in the last episode, criticism and attack do not stop on him, whether it is from the stars or even the audience.

After a series of attacks on him, the actor Islam Ibrahim, the champion of the series “100 Wesh”, criticized the prank program “Ramiz Majnoun Rasmi”, presented by the artist Ramiz Jalal during the Ramadan 2020 season.

Ibrahim wrote through his official account on Facebook: “Ramez, if your father and mother lived happily, he would work with them like that, part of God, I could not complete the episode of Muhyi Ismail from the harshness of the scene, I would have taken a vow to myself, who has no negative need for any work in Ramadan, but seriously I can not”.

It was not Ibrahim’s Islam alone that criticized Rams, but there were many stars who had been subjected to the prank, who had complained of the harshness of Ramiz’s program, and he was the first to be attacked by the artist Vivi Abdo who threatened to resort to justice because of the prank she was subjected to, as the artist Yasmin Sabri assured him His dialogue between her and Arwa, which distorted her words about her husband.

On the other hand, Islam Ibrahim participates in the Ramadan 2020 drama season in the comedy series “100 W,” with Nelly Karim, Aser Yassin, and a number of new faces, directed by Kamila Abu Zekri.


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