“Aunt of a young artist … She got married 3 times and did not give birth.” … Information about the victim


05:05 PM

Monday 18 May 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

Nabila Obeid, today, Monday, is a victim of the official Ramez Majnoon mold, presented by the artist Ramez Jalal on the mbc channel Egypt.

In the following lines we monitor for you the most important information about Nabila Obeid, as follows:

She is 75 years old, and she was born in Cairo on January 21, 1945, and she is one of the most important stars of Egypt throughout the ages.

_ Is the maternal aunt of the young artist Amira Hani, who attracted her attention strongly in the series “Salsal Al Dam” where she played the role of “Nasra”, which was embodied by the artist Abla Kamel.

_ She presented her first roles in the movie “There is no understanding” starring the artist Souad Hosni and the artist Hassan Youssef, and the role was silent and she did not utter any words throughout this film.

_ She participated in the beginning of her life in a number of films in Syria and Lebanon, but she did not achieve what she wanted, and she returned to Egypt again.

She was chosen as a jury member at the 2003 Cairo International Festival.

_ She had a strong and distinguished relationship with the late superstar Hind Rustom, who stood by her and gave her advice during her artistic career.

On one of the TV programs, she said that she went to the late director Atef Salem; His sister was a friend of her mother’s friend and asked him to act, pointing out that she did not go to school on this day, and went to the office of producer Helmi Rafla.

_ She said, that she preferred art than creating a family of her own will, and that she was afraid of procreation so that her strength would not be affected and that she was not regretting it, as the public compensated her for that.

_ She married director Atef Salem before the movie “Rabaa Al-Adawiya”, and was then in the first secondary class.

Her second marriage to director Ashraf Fahmy was a secret, but they soon separated after they announced the marriage.

_ She got married for the third time to the politician Osama Al-Baz, and she said about this marriage: “I learned a lot from him, and the reason for continuing the marriage for many years is that he did not interfere in my work, and I did not interfere in his work, if there were sweet qualities in Nabila Obaid, I learned from him.”

_ She won the Best Actress Award for her role in the movie “The investigation continues” in 1979 at the Alexandria Film Festival and then honored her with the same festival in 1998.

_ The 35th Alexandria Film Festival bore its name.

– Usama Al-Sheikh, the former head of the Radio and Television Union, said about her that she is one of those who stood beside him during his time in prison, and she was constantly reassuring him and his family.

_ Actress Nabila Obaid said in the book “Nabila Obaid to be a star” by Sherine Abdel Khaleq, that Ahmed Zaki is a great actor from the same acting school as he does not look at the camera, noting that like her he forgets everything and only remembers the role he plays.

– She presented a number of important works, including “The Dancer and the Politician”, “Rabaa El Adawiya”, “The Virgin and White Hair”, “The Other” and “Shader Fish”.

_ About her retirement from art, she said: “Retirement! It cannot happen and I do not believe in this idea, I do not know how an artist can do that, art is running in my veins, it is an absence and once I find work that attracts me, fits my history and is appropriate for me, I will present it immediately, But I will not be there just to appear. ”


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