Ayman Mansour: I wish my son moved to Zamalek


Ayman Mansour, the former star of Zamalek, said he hopes his son will move from the Pyramids to Zamalek, but he indicated that he welcomes his move to Al-Ahly in light of the era of professional football.

Ahmed Ayman Mansour starred in the shirt of the Egyptian and Pyramids teams, which attracted the interest of Al-Ahly and Zamalek to win his services, but Mansour confirmed that his son had not received official offers from either of them yet.

The former Zamalek striker said in televised comments on the OnTime Sport screen: “We hear these things annually through the media only, but things have not evolved into official offers until now.”

Ayman Mansour added: “Ahmed respects his contract with Pyramids, and focuses with his club, any negotiations that will be with the club first, personally, I hope that he will move to Zamalek because he (the son of the club), but we are in a professional era.”

Ahmed Ayman Mansour, who plays in the center of the defense and is also good at playing the left-back center for the Pioneers of the Army and Interior teams, played before moving to Al-Masry in 2015, and then to Pyramids in 2018.


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