Badr Hamed: 95% of the Libyan people encourage Zamalek … and only two are people


Badr Hamed, the star of Zamalek and the former national team of Egypt, and head of the junior sector in the Libyan people of Tripoli, stressed that 95% of the Libyan people belong and encourage the sons of Qalat Mit Oqba, explaining: “Throughout my career in the youth sector in the people of Tripoli, I discovered that 95% of the Libyans encourage Zamalek and the club Al-Abyad is sweeping popularity in Tripoli in particular, “adding on the Zamalek channel screen:” I only met two people who encourage Al-Ahly in Libya, “and Hamed said he refused the Al-Ahly club’s offer as a youth player to remain unrestricted in the list.

He praised Badr Hamed, Mahmoud Shikabala, the star and leader of the current white team, confirming that he considers him among the great and legends of Zamalek, saying: “The Apache is classified with the legends of Zamalek as well as Hassan Shehata and the difference of Jaafar and Hazem Imam and other symbols and stars.”

The former Zamalek star continued, that stability inside the white club is behind his coronations in the current season, starting from the Egypt Cup last summer and then exhaling the Egyptian and African super titles, indicating that administrative stability generated a kind of technical stability within the team and then the titles came, as he praised. Hamed with the tactical and technical commitment of Zamalek players during the team’s career this season.

He continued his speech saying that I started working in the junior sector from the UAE immediately after my retirement and worked for many years there by setting up programs for all young people in the whole sector and the evaluation is done every year through important programs from the ball school up to 20 years.

I work as a technical director for the junior sector in full and worked in big clubs such as Al-Jazira Emirati and we established Al-Jazira Club which contributed to the progress of the team level in the UAE league, and the same is true for Al Ain club Al Ain Emirates Al Ain nation great potential, where we established a very large team.

Badr Hamed rejected the nature of work in Egypt, saying that it is difficult to work in the youth sector in Egypt and Zamalek because of the system because abroad they leave me working, but in Egypt there are many interventions.


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