Baher Al-Muhammadi to Al-Ismaili: I did not sign for Al-Ahly … and I will leave the end of the season


A source close to Baher Al-Muhammadi, captain of the Ismaili club, revealed that the player informed his club management through some intermediaries that he did not sign for Al-Ahly as it was reported, stressing that he is a professional player and does not seek to break himself into the spiral of signing for two clubs, especially that he is linked to an extended contract with the Dervish Castle. The source said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, “Bahir did not sign for Al-Ahly and informed the management of his club of this, and also informed them of his adherence to leave the end of the season for external professionalism, as promised by the club president earlier, which is a dream that he will not give up again.”“.

A few hours ago, Shady Moussa, agent of Baher Al-Muhammadi, player of the first football team in Al-Ismailia club, revealed that the international defender had a traffic accident on his way from Ismailia to Cairo, in order to submit to his rehabilitation program, which he performed under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Abu El-Ella, the elected doctor, to recover from an injury The knee ligaments were torn, and there was strong news at the moment about the player being hit by a heavy traffic accident.

Shadi Moussa said, in his statements to “The Seventh Day”, that Baher Al-Muhammadi is fine, and that all that happened was the explosion of the car tire, which led him to stand on the road before he changed it and completed his way naturally, stressing that the player was not subjected to any ill.

The Ismaili club had issued a statement through its official website to reveal the club’s position regarding the approval of the departure Baher Al-Muhammadi Captain of the team, after it was reported that he had signed Al-Ahly in the past hours. The statement said: “Engineer Ibrahim Othman, Chairman of the Ismaili Club, General Supervisor of the Football Sector, stated that what was discussed by some satellite channels and the media, about the intention of the Ismaili Club to neglect the player Baher Al-Muhammadi or some of the team’s players, which is completely shame from the health..

The statement stressed that these media platforms lack integrity and work for the benefit of some bodies that aim to stir up public opinion and try to incite players to their clubs in order to achieve high viewership rates, at the expense of club interests, which negatively affects Egyptian football in general and the clubs of the regions that intend to preserve Its players have to compete for domestic and foreign championships, despite the difficulties that these clubs face in terms of lack of resources and media ignorance directed at specific clubs. . “


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