Bank Albilad announces the launch of the “Ramadan Basket” initiative for corona victims


Because of the Corona pandemic, the Saudi authorities are taking very firm measures and considering them a force majeure in the Saudi labor market and the lives of citizens from damages as a result of the crisis we are experiencing, as the current conditions enter into the concept of achieving force majeure with its continuation for a period of time and the harm of many citizens.

Bank Albilad presented the “Ramadan Basket” for the fifth year in a row, a basket that provides the blessed month of Ramadan supplies to support needy families in various regions of the Kingdom, a sense of their social role through social responsibility programs # Al-Balad – an initiative which is an initiative to participate in securing the social needs of eligible families, Her needs and the introduction of pleasure in her hearts.

It is noteworthy that Bank Albilad recently provided support to the Health Endowment Fund of the Ministry of Health in the amount of 5.6 million riyals to enhance the role of the health sector in combating the new Corona virus, out of its belief in the leadership role in supporting citizens to face the current crisis, in addition to supporting the community fund of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the amount of 3.5 million Real in order to promote public health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its awareness of the importance of standing and unity in the face of this epidemic, the Curna virus, and to mitigate its effects on society and overcome it.

Bank Albilad also pays attention to community service under the umbrella of the social responsibility programs #Bilad_Ibada, which exceeds more than 42 programs and initiatives to serve the community and you can view the social responsibility programs and initiatives offered by Bank Albilad by visiting the #BeladBad initiative page on the Bank Albilad website Here .

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