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Basma drops Ramiz Jalal into the water pool ...

Source: Salah Hassan – Iram News

The episode of “Ramez Majnoon Rasmi” program in which his fellow artist Basma hosted unexpected events, which none of the guests had previously presented.

Basma was able to spoil the episode after she escaped her arms from the chair she was bound, and she made an attempt to save herself from the “crab” basin by taking off her shoes.

The artist Ramiz Jalal, the recipient of the mold, suffered a slight injury to his finger, after grabbing the crab at the moment it was removed from her pelvis.

When Basma got rid of the chair completely, she tried to go to Ramiz Jalal to attack him, but she fell into the pool of water.

Because of her nervousness throughout the episode, Basma was able to drop Ramez Jalal with her in the pool, so that Ramez Jalal admitted she was stubborn and was able to change the course of the episode.

The idea of ​​the prank revolves around calling a guest, through the singer and media person, Arwa, to sit on an “electric chair” without his knowledge, so that Ramez Jalal will appear and subject the guest to the vertebrae of the prank in an atmosphere of tension and fear.

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