Because of Corona … a businessman is asking France to sell the Mona Lisa for $ 45 billion


Source: Dubai – Mr. Muhammad

A French businessman called on his government to sell the Mona Lisa for billions of dollars so that it could save its cultural sector from the consequences of the Corona crisis.

Stephanie Ditzengueich, founder and CEO of technology company Viber Nouvelle, said that the French government should sell the plate for $ 45 billion and then spend the money on the sector that was severely affected by the pandemic, according to Britain’s Sky News.

Selling the painting painted by the famous Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci in the 16th century may sound like a “crazy idea”, but it could be a good way to save the French artists who are going through difficult conditions in conjunction with the Corona pandemic, which overshadows all aspects of life.

In an article for the French businessman, Usbek & Rica, the businessman said, “Sell the old to make the new”, referring to the sale of the painting and the spending of its money on French artists.

“It will be tangible evidence of a nation that believes in the future of its artists … It may seem illogical and it may seem trivial, but what if we really sold the Mona Lisa?”

In his view, the money from the painting could also be spent on rescuing children from the edge of the abyss in the midst of a crisis that is not known exactly when.

“As an entrepreneur and a taxpayer … I know very well that these billions cannot be invented but selling expensive old assets owned by us will represent providing liquidity through which the affected groups can be assisted in different sectors, including the culture sector, for sure.”


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