Because of Corona … Johnny Depp’s new movie is shown on TV platforms


Company got Samuel Goldwyn Films On the equity of the new movie Waiting for the BarbariansAnd it was decided to put the work in different theaters after presenting it in some international festivals such as San Sebastian Film FestivalBut due to the Corona virus, which closed the theaters around the world, the new movie will be released Waiting for the Barbarians, On TV platforms, for a fee in August.

Movie Waiting for the Barbarians Starring a distinguished group of world stars, including Academy Award winner Mark Reliance (Bridge of Spies), Academy Award nominee Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean(Newly Actor Robert Pattinson)The Lighthouse(Jana Bayarsaikhan)Ex Machina), And acclaimed Greta Scache (The Girl in the Fog), According to the report posted on “deadline“.

Drama movie is based Waiting for the Barbarians, On the novel of Nobel Prize-winning writer GM Cozzi who also wrote the script, directed by Cerro Guerra, where he follows the new movie follows Judge (Rylance) To an isolated border settlement on the borders of an unnamed empire, which is looking forward to easy retirement until the arrival of Colonel Gul (Dib), his mission is to report on the activities of the “ barbarians ” and report the security situation on the borders, and thus Gul conducts a series of harsh interrogations, which drives Judge to question his loyalty to the empire, according to the report published on the website “deadline“.

“Disney” is also seeking to persuade the international superstar Johnny Depp to introduce the character “Jack Sparrow” again in the sixth part of the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, after his statement after the end of the fifth part of his intention not to embody the character of Jack Sparrow again.

Johnny Depp may return to a secondary role in Captain Jack Sparrow’s character in the sixth part of “The Caribbean Pirates”, as the film will focus on a female character, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Disney had previously decided not to deal with Johnny Depp after his wife, Amber Hurd, accused him of beating her, but the director of “Disney” worked on the return of the 56-year-old actor to the company after the court denied these allegations.

The recent period has witnessed new developments in cases and lawsuits between the international actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, the global actress Amber Hurd, after a recent audio recording of the latter spreading claiming that she assaulted Deeb during their marriage.

Similar to Depp’s expulsion from the role of pirate Jack Sparrow in the film series the Pirates of the CaribbeanAgainst the background of his beating on “Amber Hurd”, a large number of viewers launched a campaign to expel Hurd from her new movie. Aquaman 2.


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