Behind closed doors, thousands of deaths in France are outside the statistics


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Last April, an elderly person living in the Seine-Saint-Denis neighborhood of France, the poorest region on the outskirts of Paris, went to the hospital for fear that he might have Covid-19 infection caused by infection with the Corona virus.

The result of the analysis was negative, and the old man returned to his home. Ten days later, he was found dead.

To date, this death has not been counted on the official list of 19 Coffid-19 victims in France, which includes only hospital and nursing home deaths.

However, data from the French Statistical Office shows a nationwide increase in home deaths. This increase is particularly evident in some suburbs where low-income people live around central Paris.

Corona kills the elderly

“It is clear that Covid-19 is killing a lot more people in their homes because they did not know they had it or were very afraid to contact people for help,” said a health-care worker familiar with the circumstances of the death of the elderly.

Corona virus has more than 25,500 deaths in France, which is ranked fifth globally in the list of deaths after the United States, Britain, Italy and Spain.

Home mortality

The government plans to add household deaths in June. It is difficult to estimate their number because health authorities do not conduct tests of Covid-19 testing for those who die in their homes.

Statistics office data show that 109,327 people died in France from March 1 to April 20, an increase of 26 and 15 percent over the corresponding period in both 2018 and 2019. Hence, confirmed deaths associated with Covid-19 represent 19 percent of all deaths.

The data shows that household deaths during that period increased by 28 percent from 2019 to reach 26,324 cases.

At least 9 thousand

Jack Battistone, president of the General Union of Practitioners of Physicians, told Reuters that his union estimates that at least 9,000 people have died of Covid-19 in their homes. He added that the estimate was made on the basis that one of each of the 55,000 general practitioners in France reported at least one death suspected to be caused by Covid-19.

The high number of deaths highlights how the mix of overpopulation and frontline jobs has turned residents suspicious of the authorities into places of infection where many refuse to seek help.

Doctors have warned that the increase in deaths may also be linked to some deaths in other diseases because the outbreak of corona has prevented them from seeking medical care.

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