Belqas was the beginning .. “Dakahlia Health” reveals a surprise in the total Corona injuries and deaths


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Dr. Saad Makki, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Dakahlia, said that the number of new cases of Corona virus in the scope of Dakahlia Governorate since the virus spread until May 29 reached only 377 cases, and these infections are among the lowest rates at the level of the Republic compared to the number of residents of the governorate, which is close to 7 Millions of people.

He added, in press statements, that “the governorate witnessed the death of 42 patients, and 191 patients were cured, recovered from the isolation and the rest of the cases are still under treatment, including 51 patients with the home isolation system.”

And «Makki»: «that the security quarantine was imposed on 750 people in 323 homes in 49 districts and 10 towns cities, namely:“ Mansoura, Talkha, Belqas, Dikirnis, Matareya, Mit Ghamr, Aga, Minya Al-Nasr, Bani Ubaid, Nabrah ».

He continued: «We do not quarantine entire villages, but we impose medical quarantine on the homes of the injured and those who are in contact with them only»

He added: “Although the first two deaths in Egypt were from the Belqas Center, but thanks to the efforts of the White Army we controlled the situation, and we restricted the contacts well. The total number of deaths so far reached 42 cases, from more than 900 deaths in Egypt, and the total number of patients We now have 143 patients, including 92 in the isolation and sorting hospitals, and the rest of the patients in the isolation hospital from other governorates such as Sharqia, Gharbiya and Damietta ».

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