“Best Actor and Series in Ramadan 2020” .. 3 critics choose


4:06 PM

Wednesday 13 May 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

Critics revealed the best actor and series after showing 20 episodes of Ramadan drama this year, and Tariq Al-Shennawi explained that Amir Karara is the best actor and best series is “The Choice”, while critic Magda Khairallah found that the best actor is Mahmoud Hamida and comes after him in the comedy drama Nelly Karim and families Yassin, and the best series is “Bishwashwash”, while Magda Morris revealed that the best actor is Ahmed Khalil, followed by Amir Karara, Mahmoud Hamida and Khaled El Nabawy, and the best series “El Akhtiyar” and “Bam 100sh”

“Masrawy” monitors why the critics chose the best actor and series in the following report:

The critic Magda Khairallah told Masrawy: “Mahmoud Hamida is the best actor, because he made a different, pure second rail, and I think he needs to communicate with it, and the people who represent you learn from him how to do a complex personality in this way that has aspects of” evil “that are done very quietly and there is no amplification of the voice and no eyebrows, And the need is very smooth and fluctuates in a moment, and despite that, the personality has its weaknesses and has attitudes according to its psychological and human condition, and it can weaken moments, and each case works very nicely, and is different from what was previously presented in the same context, and its use of his voice, sarcasm, movement of his body and silence is a performance worth contemplating.

As for “100 Walsh” as the best series, she said: “Because it is the most complete within the limits of its classification as writing, directing and a working group, whether the first, second or third roles, in fact it has a very great interest in every detail.”

Critic Tariq Al-Shennawi told Masrawy: “Amir Karara is the best actor, because most of the roles he gave before that were the actor who was hiding behind Kalbash Al-Basha, but he relied on embodying the role of Al-Sanadi officer on all the details of the talented actor, which is what Prince Karara succeeded in.

As for “Choice” as the best series, he said: “Peter Mimi and Bahir Dowidar were able to make more documentary visions of the dramatic situation, meaning that the near history that you hold in your hand is like the history that you are talking about, and the series needs a degree of credibility that reaches its climax. Thirdly: It enters into the mind of the terrorist party and this is important to present thought through it and their conviction and present them as they embrace it and this is an important part, third: Parallel elements in The series is from Tamer Karawan’s music, performance by actors, and moving between wings He is very clever and dazzling, all of which are positive factors in favor of the series and concerned with the human side. The writer and director were keen on breaking the rigor of the Thunderbolt Officer who is of a strict nature and let us watch the human being.

Critic Magda Morris to Masrawy: “The best series of Al-Sanadi, up to now,” The Choice “and” With 100 Wush “, they are one of the most beautiful dramas presented this year .. And the able artist Ahmed Khalil is the best actor, because he performed the role as it should be, with double feelings between good And evil in the role of the bully recognized in the aesthetic, and his emotions appeared moderate and strong with the role, and presented the character of evil smoothly and simply.


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