Biologist: Do not rush to catch “Covid-19”!


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Biologist: Don't rush to get infected with


                    Evgeny beyatov

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She advised Professor Anna Baranova of the George Mason University of America, not to seek a rapid infection with “Covid-19”, because the longer the infection is delayed, the greater the chances of recovery from it.

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“When a person becomes ill at the beginning of the epidemic, the possibilities of controlling the disease are minimal: because there is little information about the virus. Now it is known that the virus causes disorders in the blood clotting system, which leads to the formation of clots,” the professor told the Russian news agency, Novosti. Bloody, so patients get anticoagulants during treatment. This was not known a month or more ago, so it is best to get sick after six months and not now, because after six months the virus will be weak and the number of patients who do not show symptoms of the disease will increase. .

She added, a new highly contagious strain of the virus is now spreading, and she said, “This does not mean that its effect has become stronger in humans, but the infection is transmitted to others quickly. However, the number of seriously ill patients remains at the same level, but the number of infected people who They do not show symptoms of the disease, which increases the number of infected people. This means that community immunity (70-80% have immunity) is rapidly forming.

According to the expert, in order to reduce the risk of developing “Covid-19”, it is necessary to reduce the number of visits to shops and purchase the necessary materials for a week, to tour the parks and not to attend parties. And soon the anti-virus vaccine will appear, so it is better to wait for it.

Source: Novosti


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