“Birds of Darkness” .. A movie that almost Imam was imprisoned for (video) – Moroccan depth


May 15, 2020 – 11:00

There is no doubt that Adel Imam, according to many, is considered one of the most important Arab comedians, his plays, films and even his single series, which have achieved tremendous success, but because he is the “leader” as his fans call him, not all his films are comedies.

“Birds of Darkness” is an Egyptian movie written and narrated by Waheed Hamed and supervised by Sharif Arafa in 1995, and the roles of his star include well-known Egyptian artistic names, most notably Adel Imam, Yusra, Jamil Ratib, Ahmed Ratib, Riyadh Al-Khouli and Izzat Abu Ouf.

The events of the movie tell the story of three friends lawyers, the first is Fathi Nofal (Adel Imam) who gives up his positions and becomes director of the office of one of the ministers and the second is Ali Al-Zanati (Riyadh Al-Khuli) who chooses to join an extremist group, while the third colleague Mohsen (Ahmed Ratib) is a simple rebel employee who decides To stay away from the conflict between the government and religious groups.

“Birds of Darkness” and after its presentation in the cinema halls behind a wide debate, its boundaries exceeded the artistic and cinematic field and reached the political field, which made Adel Imam refuse to implement a second part of it after his director Sharif Arafa suggested that.

A lawsuit was filed against the film and its champions, including Adel Imam, on charges of “contempt of religions”, and a verdict was issued against its author, Waheed Hamid, for 3 months imprisonment, but he was appealed and acquitted.

Although a number of scenes in the movie are still present on YouTube, which are shared by Egyptians to reveal the scenes of politics in their country, the last scene remains firmly in the memory of all those who watched “birds of darkness”, Egyptians, Arabs and even foreigners, who meet in the two rival friends (Fathi and Ali) in The prison yard, and their words are in pre-trial detention, when Fathi said, “With his approval, Ali,” he replies, “But I am outside, Fathi,” to return the other, “and I am outside before you,” and then they both run with the maximum force to kick the ball in front of them.


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