Britain issues important advice to protect against the Corona virus – politics – international varieties


Today, the British have received important official advice and advice on how to stay safe and avoid infection with the emerging virus “Covid 19”, when they are abroad or at home, and urged UK officials to wear face masks on public transport and in some stores, where No social spacing.

The British authorities have advised citizens to continue washing their hands, working from home if possible, and moving on foot or by biking. The Corona Virus Prevention Guidelines are part of the 50-page government quit quit plan, and it also recommends regular washing of clothes and maintaining good ventilation for homes.

In the guidelines, health officials say that “the risk of infection increases with your proximity to another person.” They warn that the amount of time you spend in close contact with someone is another crucial risk factor. ”

For example, one of the government’s advice says: “You are unlikely to become infected if you pass by someone else on the street.”

The Public Health Organization in England recommends that people try to keep two meters away from others, at least as a precaution, and says in advice: “The main thing is not to be very close to people, as possible.”

The British must also wash their clothes regularly, according to the instructions issued today. Studies have shown that the virus can survive on fabrics for several days, but often dies after a few hours.

Homes and buildings should be well-ventilated, to reduce the spread of the deadly coronavirus, and one advice says: “Evidence suggests that the virus is less likely to be transmitted in well-ventilated buildings and outdoors. In good weather, try to leave windows and doors open in places where it communicates. Where people are, or move the activity out if you can. ”




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