British company seeking to launch satellites from on board aircraft


British Virgin Orbit company is planning to test a space air system to launch satellites into Earth orbit, and its tests will be conducted, according to the head of the British billionaire company, Richard Benson, on May 23, 24 or 25, where CNBC television said that a final decision on the date of testing the system has not yet been taken. .

According to the Russian “RT” website, the testing program requires that the developed Boeing 747 plane takes off at 13:00 EST in a space airport in the Mahay desert in California to fly over the Pacific Ocean, and then the fuel missile will separate from it, and the missile engines will operate automatically .

It is noteworthy that last June witnessed a similar test for the space system of the British company “Virgin Orbit”, but the missile did not carry fuel then and did not start its engines.

The television channel said that the “Boeing-747” plane flew the rocket carrier over the Pacific Ocean last week, without launching it.

It is noteworthy that another billionaire subsidiary, Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic, on May 1, conducted the first air test of the Unity spacecraft launched by the Eve at an altitude of 15.2 km. The spacecraft accelerated in the air to a speed of 0.7 Mach (equivalent to about 800 km per hour), then landed at the US airport in New Mexico.

Perhaps this vehicle is dedicated to transporting space tourists to the low Earth orbit and making regular tourist space trips.


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