Burning end of the game oblivion series after discovering the origin of the story!


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  • Burning end of the game Oblivion series after discovering the events of the original version!

    Have The series “The Oblivion Game” Starring the actress Dina El-Sherbiny Watched high by the way the story is told in an exciting and mysterious fashion, and despite the suspense, some viewers of the work are looking for the original Italian version of the series to find the end.

    The end of the game Oblivion series

    A number of accounts interested in the drama revealed that a series Forgetfulness game Taken from the Italian work Mentre Ero Via and translated in Arabic “When She Went”, a short 6-episode work revolves around a woman who wakes up from a memoryless coma, to reveal that she caused the death of her husband and her lover and does not remember exactly what happened to her.

    Italian series quoted from the series Oblivion game
    With some looking for the end of Italian work to find out what will happen in The series Al-Masry is a game of oblivion, accounts revealed that in the events of the Italian version the heroine tries to find out the truth and what happened with her with the help of her beloved brother, and gradually begins to recover her lost memory.

    With the events, the heroine discovers that her beloved brother misleads her with the help of the psychiatrist who treats her by providing her with false information, and as a result, she informs the police and is imprisoned for 4 years after she accidentally kills her husband and lover.

    Although the series Al-Nisyan game is adapted from an Italian work, it was made after the modifications to the story, including that the person who helps the heroine in the Egyptian work is the brother of her lover, while in the Italian work is the brother of her husband.

    The game of oblivion
    Also, the psychiatrist in the series Al-Nisyan is a woman who plays Angie Lieutenant Colonel, while in the Italian series a man.

    With the story of the Italian work, adapted from the game Al-Nisyan, circulating, the question remains whether the end will be identical, or will the end come as a surprise to the followers of the work?

    From the events of the series Al-Nisyan game
    The game of oblivion

    It is mentioned that the series “Al-Nisyan” game, starring Dina El-Sherbiny, Ahmed Dawoud, Ali Qassem, Inji, Lieutenant Colonel, Mahmoud Kabil, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, and a treatment by the script Tamer Habib.



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