By God, O Egyptians … Omar Marmoush, Pharaoh knocking on the doors of the “Bundesliga”


Egyptian Omar Marmoush participated in his team’s match for Wolfsburg for the first time against Bayer Leverkusen in the German League, where the young player achieved two remarkable achievements, becoming the seventh Egyptian player to participate in the German League after: Hani Ramzi, Mohamed Zidan, Yasser Radwan, Mohamed Emara, Ahmed Salah Hosni Sameer Kamuna.

Marmoush also became the first Egyptian player to participate in the German league since the last participation of Mohamed Zidan on April 28, 2012, with Mainz against Hamburg.

The German Bundesliga returned again last Saturday, in a move considered by many to be a great adventure, due to the widespread outbreak of the Coruna virus in the European continent, and the suspension of most of the leagues.

At a time when all leagues were suspended, some countries decided to cancel the league competition permanently, most notably the French and Belgian leagues.


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